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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catching Up...

There has been a lot of really neat things I have seen and experienced, but have not had time or space to post them in my blogs- so this entry will be a random collection of pictures and information. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to post them!
Miss Beeman

The shore line at Broad Cove

The shore line at Broad Cove

My wellingtons/rubber boots/puddle jumpers that saved me on our shore walk!

Traps on the shore line

Our timidity tray that we (mostly Mr. Wolfe) built to test our small
mammals in

One of our 19 traps out in the woods

Dr. Newman setting a camera trap (to hopefully see pics of some larger mammals)

One of the chipmunks we caught in our traps

The snake Mr. Wingall was holding- we think it might be a Martime Garter Snake, but we're still researching

Our pile of hare scat, we collected 4,811 pieces total at East Port Medway (our first research site)

The "green house"/girl's house where we eat all of our meals and have our meetings (picture taken by Mrs. Metz)

The "yellow house"/boy's house (picture taken by Mrs. Metz)


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