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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Less than 1 week!

I can hardly believe it is less than one week until I leave! At 6am Saturday morning my plane will be departing... That is VERY early.

My hopes and dreams for this week are for all of the second grade classes (and any others that want to participate) to post a comment on this entry that shows their inquiry (or more than one if you want) about my trip.

I also hope that all of the second grade classes will have Skyped either with me or another class before I leave so I know that they are ready for me when I am gone. If you would like to practice Skyping please let me know!

The last goal I have before the end of this week is to meet Mrs. Quam's class at
Horizon Elementary in Johnston, Iowa. They will be learning about mammals from Nova Scotia too!

Happy inquiries,
Miss Beeman


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