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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our days here are so busy and packed full of new learning I am having a hard time deciding what to share on the blog, what I can do on Skype and what will just have to wait until I am home!

Yesterday we laid out 10 rows of 10 traps, who knows how many traps that is? The traps are called Longworth Traps and we will use them to collect data (information) that will tell us the population density (how many in a small area) of the small mammals in that location. The scientists then take that information and compare it to other years to see if the number of small mammals is lower, t
he same, or higher. They will then know if something is changing in the climate (with the weather) and if the animals are adapting or not.

Today our main project was to check our traps to see if they caught anything last night. We
set out this morning and out of 100 traps, there were six with shut doors, but after further inspection two were "false catches" meaning there was nothing in there or a shrew went in and triggered the door to shut, but they were able to escape because they are so small. Of the four animals two were deer mice and two were red back voles. Unfortunately, Team E (Mr. Wolfe and myself ) did not have any catches this morning.

We checked the traps again this afternoon, on the off chance we caught something they weren't in the trap all day and all night. It is not as common to catch animals during the day, so we weren' t expecting anything... However, we caught FOUR MORE animals! Team E had two traps with catches! Two of the traps had red-back voles, another trap had a deer mouse, and the fourth, a chipmunk! Mr. Wolfe and I were very excited to catch something! You can watch a short video clip of Miss Beeman being a risk taker and open minded and getting the animal out of our trap.


In the end, it was a lot of fun and I am really glad I showed commitment! I wonder how many more animals we'll have in our traps tomorrow? What is your prediction?

After you have read this blog entry, go down to the next one and look at the inquiry for today!
-Miss Beeman


At April 17, 2009 at 10:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, It's now Friday. After researching voles, we now know you were holding a vole in the video. We noticed a hairy tail and that the body was very round, so we now know it was not a mouse, but a vole!
Mr. Bordson's Class


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