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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

After blogging to 2-3 classrooms each day, and sharing my experience with more than 200 students during my 2 weeks in the field I am excited to know that I have exposed many learners to very important, cutting edge scientific and technological information.

My time in Nova Scotia teaching "Live From the Field" was an invaluable experience! I could not have asked for a better opportunity to integrate technology and current day science for the students in my community. I am very appreciative to Wells Fargo and my school district for the opportunity they provided me and plan to continue spreading both the scientific and technology information I learned as I teach new groups of students every year! I am excited to implement the action plan my students and I chose this fall as we go back to school and begin an increased recycling program at our school. This will allow us to reduce waste, increase knowledge about the benefits of recycling, and hopefully reduce costs for our school.

I look forward to finding more experiences with Earthwatch that will increase the "realness" of what we teach for our students and make our International Baccalaureate planners something our students can easily connect to.


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